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Learn How to Design a Responsive WordPress Website for Free

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      Add extra functions to your webpages using WordPress fundamentals with ease. Our highly experienced teachers with are always here to give you the best. We are the best online education platform around .While learning with us, there is a quick test after every 2 Modules just to keep you on track while you continue with learning with us. This course should last for maximum of 1 weeks or less, and it's recommended for students to learn 1 hour per day (willingly) for a better understanding of the course, as the total estimated time for each topic is beleived to be enough for a student to study, understand and practice the code. This cousre is totally 100% free and the course remain invalid after 1 weeks.
     Please be puntual and practice the codes, as that is the key to your success with us. Thanks & good luck!

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     We are teaching you Fundamentals of WordPress with ease. Our highly experienced tutors are always here to give you the best. We are the best online education platform around .

Job Oppurtunities

  3 topics Introduction2hours

    WordPress Overview35 minutes
    WordPress Installation1 hour
    WordPress Installation Video15 minutes
    WordPress Dashboard10 minutes

  5 topics WordPress Posts1 hour 11 minutes

    Add Posts15 minutes
    Edit Posts11 minutes
    Delete Posts10 minutes
    Preview Posts15 minutes
    Publish Posts20 minutes

  3 topic WordPress Categories45 minutes

    Add Categories20 minutes
    Edit Categories15 minutes
    Delete Categories10 minutes

    3 topic WordPress Media1 hour 32 minutes

    Add Media15 minutes
    Edit Media20 minutes
    Insert Media55 minutes
    Quick Test2 minutes

  3 topic WordPress Pages1 hour 10 minutes

    Add Pages30 minutes
    Edit Pages30 minutes
    Delete Pages10 minutes

  3 topic WordPress Appearance1 hour 11 minutes

    Themes15 minutes
    Customize Themes11 minutes
    Widgets30 minutes
    WordPress Widgets Video15 minutes

  2 topics WordPress Plugins1 hour

    Introduction to WordPress Plugins30 minutes
    WordPress Plugins Installation30 minutes

  4 topics WordPress Users1 hour 14 minutes

    Users Roles15 minutes
    Add Users20 minutes
    Edit Users20 minutes
    Delete Users10 minutes
    WordPress Users Video9 minutes

Examination15 minutes


Iroegbu Godwin

Web Developer

He is a reowned web developer. He holds a master degree in digital marketing and computer science.

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