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Become a Advance Web designer in 6 weeks

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      We are teaching you Website development with ease. Our highly experienced tutors are always here to give you the best. We are the best online education platform around .While learning with us, there is a quick test after every 2 Modules just to keep you on track while you continue with learning with us. Your tutor for this course, Iroegbu Godwin is a Masters degree holder in Computer Engineering, and he's here to take you the course for the next 5 weeks 2 days, and he will take you an everything you need to know on web development, such as; HTML, CSS and JavaScript

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     We are teaching you Website Design with ease. Our highly experienced tutors are always here to give you the best. We are the best online education platform around .

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  2 topics Introduction to HTML 51hr 3 minutes

    Introduction to HTML 515 minutes
    Getting Started48 minutes

  1 topic HTML Attributes28 minutes

    HTML Attributes28 minutes

  1 topic HTML Images32 minutes

    HTML Images32 minutes

    1 topic HTML Colors44 minutes

    HTML Colors42 minutes
    Quick Test2mins

  1 topic HTML Fonts26 minutes 30 seconds

    HTML Fonts26 minutes 30 seconds

  1 topic HTML Hyperlinks38 minutes

    HTML Hyperlinks38 minutes

  1 topicHTML Heading27 minutes

    HTML Heading27 minutes

    1 topic HTML Navigation Bar20 minutes

    HTML Navigation Bar22 minutes
    Quick Test2mins

  1 topic HTML Listing20 minutes

    HTML Listing20 minutes

  1 topic HTML Tables42 minutes

    HTML Tables42 minutes

  1 topic HTML Audio & Video55 minutes

    HTML Audio & Video55 minutes

    1 topic HTML Forms50 minutes

    HTML Forms52 minutes
    Quick Test2mins

  1 topic HTML Form Validation50 minutes

    HTML Form Validation50 minutes

  Summary HTML Summary30 minutes

  1 topic Introduction to CSS30 minutes

    Introduction 30 minutes

  1 topic Selector or Operator30 minutes

    Selector or Operator30 minutes

  1 topic The Box Model30 minutes

    Box Model30 minutes

    1 topic Display & Positioning22 minutes

    HTML Tags20mins
    Quick Test2mins

  2 topics CSS Animations52 minutes

    Defining Keyframes40mins
    Animation Shorthand Property12mins

  3 topics CSS Fonts42 minutes

    Font Family15mins
    Font Style12mins
    Font Size17mins

  1 topics CSS Colors35 minutes

    CSS Colors35mins

    3 topics CSS3 Transitions50 minutes

    Performing Multiple Transitions17mins
    Transition Shorthand Property13mins
    Quick Test2mins

  2 topics Introduction to JavaScript11 minutes

    Introduction to JavaScript3 minutes
    Why Learn Javascript5 minutes
    Applications of Javascript Programming3 minutes

  5 topics Defining JavaScript15 minutes

    Defining JavaScript3 minutes
    Client - Side JavaScript3 minutes
    Advantages of JavaScript3 minutes
    Limitations of Javascript3 minutes
    JavaScript IDEs3 minutes

  4 topics JavaScript Syntax1 hour 2 minutes

    JavaScript Syntax14 minutes
    Your First JavaScript Code14 minutes
    Whitespace and Line Breaks20 minutes
    Javascript is Case Sensitivity14 minutes

    2 topics JavaScript Variables35 minutes

    JavaScript Variables30 minutes
    JavaScript Variable Name3 minutes
    Quick Test2 minutes

  7 topics JavaScript Operators2 hours 33 minutes

    JavaScript Operators23 minutes
    Arithmetic Operators18 minutes
    Comparison Operators26 minutes
    Assignment Operators35 minutes
    Logical (or Relational) Operators15mins
    Incrementing and Decrementing Operators23 minutes
    String Operators25 minutes

  5 topics JavaScript If…Else Statements1 hour 29 minutes

    JavaScript If…Else Statements10 minutes
    The if Statement18 minutes 10secs
    The if...else Statement28 minutes
    The if...else if... else Statement32 minutes 15secs
    The Ternary Operator25 minutes

  5 topics JavaScript Array1 hour 2 minutes

    Javascript Array18 minutes
   Arithmetic Operators34 minutes
   Accessing the Elements of an Array23 minutes
   Getting the Length of an Array10 minutes 30secs
   Looping Through Array Elements30 minutes

    5 topics Sorting JavaScript Array1 hour 2 minutes

    Sorting JavaScript Array13 minutes
    Reversing an Array13 minutes
    Sorting Numeric Arrays30 minutes
    Finding the Maximum and Minimum Value in an Array20 minutes
    Sorting an Array of Objects22 minutes
    Quick Test2 minutes

  7 topics JavaScript Functions2 hours 20 minutes

    JavaScript Function15 minutes
    Defining and Calling a Function20 minutes
    Adding Parameters to JavaScript Functions32 minutes
    Default Values for Function Parameters( ES6 )22 minutes
    Returning Values from a Function23 minutes
    Working with Function Expressions30 minutes
    Understanding the Variable Scope27 minutes

  8 topics JavaScript Objects2 hour 6 minutes

    JavaScript Objects3 minutes
    Creating Objects10 minutes
    Accessing Object's Properties38 minutes
    Looping Through Object's Properties15 minutes
    Setting Object's Properties15 minutes
    Deleting Object's Properties15 minutes
    Calling Object's Properties15 minutes
    Manipulating by Value vs. Reference15 minutes

  3 topics Switch Case & While Loop2 hours 45 minutes

    Switch Case & While Loop1hour 20 minutes
    The WHILE Loop45 minutes
    The DO ... WHILE Loop40 minutes

    4 topics FOR & FOR...In Loops2 hours 1 minutes

    Javascript FOR & FOR...In Loops50 minutes

    For...In Loop42 minutes

    JavaScript Loop Control3 minutes

          The Break Statement20 minutes

          The Continue Statement15 minutes

    Using Labels to Control the Flow25 minutes

    Quick Test2 minutes

  6 topics JavaScript Cookies1 hour 33 minutes

    What are Cookies ?3 minutes
    How It Works ?10 minutes
    Storing Cookies30 minutes
    Reading Cookies20 minutes
    Setting Cookies Expiry Date20 minutes
    Deleting Cookies30 minutes

  3 topics JavaScript Form Validation1 hour 10 minutes

    JavaScript Form Validation35 minutes
    Basic Form Validation20 minutes
    Data Format Validation15 minutes

  5 topics JavaScript Error & Exception Handling2 hour 21 minutes

    JS Error & Exception Handling1 minutes
    Syntax Error10 minutes
    Runtime Error10 minutes
    Logical Error1hour 25 minutes
    The onerror() Method35minutes

JavaScript Animation1 hour


Examination15 minutes


Iroegbu Godwin

Web Developer

He is a reowned web developer. He holds a master degree in digital marketing and computer science.

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