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Learn the Fundamentals of Accounting and Get Certified

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      Learn Fundametals of Accounting with Fagoroyo Moses and get certified. And also, upgrade your accounting skill while learning with us . Our highly experienced instructor is always there to give you the best. VOKS Institute is undoubtly the best online/distance education platform around. During your time with us, there is always a quick test after every 2 Modules just to keep you on track while you continue with learning with us. This course should last for maximum of 4 weeks 2 days or less, and it's recommended for students to learn 1 hour 30 minutes per day (willingly) for a better understanding of the course, as the total estimated time for each topic is beleived to be enough for a student to study.
     Please be punctual on the platform, as that is the key to your success with us. Thanks & good luck!

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     We are Certifying you on Fundamentals of Accounting with approval of the NBTE. Our highly experienced instructor will teach you all you need to know according to the NBTE curicullum.

Job Oppurtunities

  7 topics Introduction to Accounting4 hours 7 minutes

    Introduction35 minutes
    Development of accounting discipline 35 minutes
    An accountant’s job profile: functions of accounting 32 minutes
    Utility of accounting 32 minutes
    Types of accounting 30 minutes
          Financial accounting25 minutes
          Management accounting25 minutes
          Cost accounting 25 minutes
          Distinction between financial and management accounting 15 minutes
    Summary 20 minutes
    Keywords 10 minutes

    7 topics Accounting Concepts & Conventions 3 hours 55 minutes

    Introduction30 minutes
    Meaning and Features of accounting Principles 26 minutes
    Kinds of Accounting Principles 25 minutes
    Accounting Concepts 30 minutes
    Accounting Conventions 35 minutes
    Summary 30 minutes
    Keywords35 minutes
    Quick Test2 minutes

  6 topics Recording of Transactions- Voucher System, Accounting Process, Journal 3 hours 58 minutes

    Introduction35 minutes
    Voucher30 minutes
    Journal25 minutes
          Classification of Accounts20 minutes
          Goods Account20 minutes
    Important considerations for recording the business transactions 35 minutes
    Summary30 minutes
    Keywords20 minutes

    5 topics Ledger Posting & Trial Balance 3 hours 27 minutes

    Introduction30 minutes
    Posting35 minutes
          Rules Regarding Posting20 minutes
          Balancing of an Account 20 minutes
    Trial Balance30 minutes
          Objectives of Preparing a Trial Balance 20 minutes
    Summary25 minutes
    Keywords25 minutes
    Quick Test2 minutes

  11 topics Subsidiary Books of Accounts 3 hours 35 minutes

    Introduction30 minutes
    Cash Book30 minutes
    Purchase Book20 minutes
    Sales Book15 minutes
    Purchase Return Book 20 minutes
    Sales Return Book 20 minutes
    Bills Receivable Book k15 minutes
    Bills Payable Book 25 minutes
    Journal Proper 10 minutes
    Summary 20 minutes
    Keywords 10 minutes

    7 topics Preparation of Profit & Loss Account & Balance Sheet 4 hours 32 minutes

    Introduction20 minutes
    Trading account18 minutes
          Closing entries for trading account 15 minutes
    Manufacturing account 25 minutes
     Profit and loss account 23 minutes
          Important points in Profit and Loss account15 minutes
          Closing entries for Profit and Loss account 25 minutes
    Balance sheet30 minutes
          Classification of assets and liabilities 25 minutes
          Marshalling of assets and liabilities20 minutes
     Adjustments19 minutes
    Summary20 minutes
     Keywords 15 minutes
    Quick Test2 minutes

  8 topics Rectification of Errors 5 hours 42 minutes

    Introduction30 minutes
    Classification of errors30 minutes
          Clerical errors15 minutes
          Errors of Principle15 minutes
    Location of errors 25 minutes
          Errors which do not affect the agreement of Trial Balance 30 minutes
          Errors which affect the agreement of Trial balance 25 minutes
    Rectification of errors32 minutes
          Errors affecting One Account 25 minutes
          Errors affecting two or more accounts 15 minutes
    Stages of rectification of errors 30 minutes
          Rectification of errors before the preparation of final accounts 25 minutes
          Rectification of errors after the preparation of final accounts25 minutes
     Effect of errors on final accounts15 minutes
    Summary20 minutes
     Keywords 15 minutes

    9 topics Accounting of Negotiable Instruments 1 hour 1 minute

    Introduction25 minutes
    Bill of exchange 20 minutes
    Promissory note 20 minutes
    Cheque and hundis 20 minutes
    Some important terms 15 minutes
    Accounting treatment 25 minutes
    Dishonour of a bill 25 minutes
    Summary 20 minutes
    Keywords 9 minutes
    Quick Test2 minutes

  5 topics Reconcilation of Bank Accounts2 hours 44 minutes

    Introduction25 minutes
    Causes/reasons for difference in two balances 20 minutes
    Procedure for preparation of bank reconciliation statement 20 minutes
          Where causes of differences are given 15 minutes
          Where cash book balance/pass book balance has to be adjusted 25 minutes
          Where abstracts from the cash book and the pass book are given 25 minutes
          When overdraft balance is given 15 minutes
    Summary 10 minutes
    Keywords 9 minutes

    6 topics Single Entry System 1 hour 29 minutes

    Introduction15 minutes
    Salient Features20 minutes
    Disadvantages and Advantages of Single Entry System20 minutes
          Disadvantages5 minutes
          Advantages5 minutes
    Calculation of Profit or Loss20 minutes
          Increase in Net Worth Method 20 minutes
          Conversion Method 20 minutes
    Summary 15 minutes
    Keywords 9 minutes
    Quick Test2 minutes

  7 topics Inventory Valuation Method 3 hours 15 minutes

    Introduction15 minutes
    Objectives of Inventory Valuation 20 minutes
    Methods of recording inventory20 minutes
          Periodic Inventory System10 minutes
          Perpetual Inventory System10 minutes
    Methods of Valuation of Inventories20 minutes
          Methods based on Historical cost 15 minutes
          Method Based on Sale Price 15 minutes
          The Lower of Cost or Market Price (LCM Rule) 25 minutes
    Valuation of inventory for Balance Sheet purpose15 minutes
    Summary 20 minutes
    Keywords 10 minutes

    11 topics Accounting for Depreciation 5 hours 44 minutes

    Introduction20 minutes
    Causes of Depreciation20 minutes
    Need for Providing Depreciation 20 minutes
    Basic Elements of Depreciation20 minutes
    Methods of recording depreciation 20 minutes
          When a provision for depreciation account is maintained10 minutes
          When a provision for depreciation account is not maintained10 minutes
    Methods of calculating depreciation20 minutes
          Straight Line Method 5 minutes
          Machine Hour Rate Method5 minutes
          Diministing Balance Method 5 minutes
          Sum of Years digits (SYD) Method 5 minutes
          Annuity Method 5 minutes
          Depreciation Fund Method 5 minutes
          Insurance Policy Method 7 minutes
          Depletion Method10 minutes
    Sale of an Asset 40 minutes
    Depreciation on an asset purchased in the course of a year 30 minutes
    Change of Depreciation Method 20 minutes
          Change in the Method of Depreciation from a back date25 minutes
    Summary 30 minutes
    Keywords 15 minutes
    Quick Test2 minutes

  8 topics Accounts for Non-Profit Making Organizations 3 hours 30 minutes

    Introduction20 minutes
    Receipts and Payments Account 30 minutes
    Income and Expenditure Account 30 minutes
          Distinction between Receipts and Payments Account and income and expenditure account 35 minutes
    Balance Sheet20 minutes
          Items Peculiar to Non-profit making organisations25 minutes
    Preparation of Income and Expenditure Account 15 minutes
    Preparation of Receipts and Payments Account from Income and Expenditure Account 15 minutes
    Summary 10 minutes
    Keywords 10 minutes

Examination10 minutes


Fagoroyo Moses

Accounting Lecturer (FEDPOLEL)

Fagoroyo Moses is a Chartered Accountant with a lot of experience in the field. He has been a lecturer since 2018 and still active

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